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The title question explains the newly emerged tendencies of Osteoporosis and its prevalence. As the rates of the incidence of Osteoporosis are growing the myths related to the disease are about to crush. Many years doctors believed that women are much more likely to get osteoporosis than men, but IOF declared 2014 as the year of “Men osteoporosis” Moreover, if previously Osteoporosis was attributed to the conditions of an old age, today it is most apparent, scientists focused on Osteoporosis are evaluating the disease in young population; The information about Peak Bone Mass has a prognostic opportunity for the progression of the bone mass decrease and consequent bone fragility. The question in the article title line: Does Osteoporosis affect young men? the rationale of the question in the title lies in those risk-factors that determine development of OP are most likely uncovered in men rather than in women. Among them are: smoking, alcohol consumption, hypogonadal state. Androgens have vital role in bone formation in both: men and women. It is proved that osteoblasts have androgen receptors. Series of research support the evidence that androgen deficiency lead to retarded skeletal growth in men. Androgen Deficiency is recognized as the most potent reason of Bone Loss in Men. The aim of the study was to assess BMD in young Georgian men, and determine correlations between BMD and basic osteoporosis risk factors. 2800 Young Men with the age 22-50 (median age 38±4.6) years were examined, all patients have filled the questioner Table1 OP Risk-Factors in Young Georgian Males n=2800 Ge netic Factor Spine Defor mities Low Bone Mass <70 Alcohol con sump tion Hypo dynamic Lifestyle Low Cal cium Intake Sexual Potency De crease 15% 420 35% 980 10,7% 299,6 8,5% 238 21% 588 41% 1148 39,8% 1114,4 Bone Mass was measured using DXA Dual Energy Absorbtiometric Technique (Hologic 1000), according to T and Z criteria SD; in particular cases Lumbar Spine X-ray has been performed. Statistical Analysis was made by Excel-Windows Microsoft MedicalExe Statistical Software. Confidence indicators were calculated by the appropriate formula; Results have computed Normal Bone mass in 55% -2800 young men; Osteopenia in 17%; Osteoporosis (T<-2, 5 SD). Measured in 38% of the group. Results Received: 1. Low bone mass detected in 45% of Healthy Young Georgian Men ( more than 1000 men) Therefore, the condition should be followed to avoid progression of bone loss and its complications. 2. Secondary hypogonadotropic hypogonadism and Lumbar spine vertebral deformities were major OP risk -a factor is young Georgian men are: It is apparent that emerging risk-factors are continuing the list of worldwide recognized risk-factor; Consequently evaluation of newly-appearing risks should be spotted and closely monitored. 3. The correlation between Osteoporosis incidence and Hypogonadism is clear. It is recommended to correct hypogonadal state for the prevention of bone loss progression.


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KIRVALIDZE N., KILASONIA L., DOLIDZE N., LAGVILAVA L. DOES OSTEOPOROSIS AFFECT YOUNG MEN? Osteoporosis and Bone Diseases. 2016;19(2):70-71. (In Russ.)

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